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Car Free Sunday 2016
October 30, 2016

Playpoint collaborated with Sports SG for Car Free Sunday located at the Padang. It showcases the latest KOMPAN Outdoor Cross Training System like the Magnetic Bells, Core Twist, Parallel Bars, Squat , Shoulder Press and Lat Pull Down to the public. The fitness caught the attention of the public and they have a fun time trying out the equipment with supervision by our fitness trainers. The event gives a fresh perspective on the choice of outdoor training equipment available for the public to use.

Core Twist

The two poles rotate 360 °  clock-wise and counterclockwise with a resistance that can be determined by speed of movement. Combines with an ab station targeted at increasing upper body strength, the Core Twist offers everyone a complete functional workout aimed at increasing overall strength and stability.

Magnetic Bells

The three different weights move freely up and down a vertical tube, featuring a magnetic breaking system that offers controllable resistance, and prevents the weights from dropping to the surface and slows down the fall to a reduced pace. The option to choose between a light, medium or heavy training weight, makes the Rope Bells frame an accessible piece of equipment for both the trained and untrained.