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Caution: Kids At Play!
April 19, 2015

With a tagline “imagination @ play”, one company dares to stand out by harnessing children’s instinctive curiosity and ingenious imagination.

All work and no play makes Jack/Jill a dull child. Unstructured playtime is an essential ingredient in allowing children to develop a whole host of useful skills and valuable characteristics, which electronic devices and scheduled activities are unable to provide.

Children require safe play spaces, which are of paramount importance to parents in deciding which playground to bring their precious tots to. Enter Playpoint, a play area specialist whose main aim is to push the boundaries of playground and landscape designs.

Bringing in products which have been specially sourced from all over the world, it has a range of award-winning names under its belt, namely Kompan (Denmark), Sonic Architecture (USA), Watertoys (Canada) and TGO Fitness (UK).

Each of these products have safety certifications that are internationally recognised, having been audited by credible safety and health inspectors.

However, providing the best outdoor space solutions and having an impressive track record would not be enough to convince the end users to use the products.

“It won’t be my clients who will ultimately use the play area; it is the children who are the end users,” said Joanna Ong, Business Development Manager of Playpoint Malaysia Sdn Bhd. She points out that children of all ages are known to have short attention span.

This is where Playpoint brings in its secret weapon: Kompan, a Danish leading specialist in play solutions for all age groups. With a multitude of colours and difficulty levels to provide diverse play opportunities that will suit even the most finicky child, it still ensures that international safety standards are not compromised.

“The most interesting aspect of Kompan is that most of its products are created in a specialised way, so even children with disabilities will still be able to access and play safely, just like any other child,” Joanna enthuses.

Playpoint conducts periodic checks and the occasional maintenance work every three months for public play areas, showing just how dedicated it is to the serious task of creating a fun and conducive play environment for children from all walks of life.


1 In Setia Ecohill, Semenyih, the extensive play area is filled with some of Playpoint’s timeless goodies.
At the forefront is Canopus (from Kompan), a ‘space station’ that allows for the planning, observing and participating of ‘space trips’. Next is Wall0holla (an award-winning Carve product) that has colourful undulating strips inside, spread over several floors, allowing for an almost endless maze to be discovered.
The Explorer Dome (Kompan) can be seen next, a dome-shaped climbing structure that consists of seemingly tangled parts – encouraging children to discover new routes and way outs.
Behind the trees, lies the Home & Ocean Themes with Net & Tower (another Kompan treasure). The bright colours and amusing shapes inspire role play and fun interactions amongst the young ones.

2 Over at Casaman hill homes, Desa Parkcity, Playpoint has helped to install the Construction & Jungle Themes (Kompan), amongst many others.
This product with a cartoonish design is given a modern look with plenty of hand and foot holds. Children can fully explore the structure and immerse themselves in the world of theme play, building upon their motor skills, strength and imagination.

3 Southville City, Bangi, was recently on the winner’s list of Malaysia Landscape Architecture Awards 2014 (MLAA) hosted by the Institute of Landscape Architects Malaysia (ILAM).
Playpoint had a hand in providing quality products for play area, namely BLOQX 2 (one of Kompan’s perennial favourites) and Home & Rescue Themes.
With such an interestingly shaped structure of different climbing angles, multiple hand and foot holds are placed on each surface of BLOQX 2. Children will thus have to plan routes via the easier grips or the challenging part of the structure. Hand-and-eye coordination as well as the children’s strength are among some of the skills developed.
The latter product features that same cartoonish design that can serve every child’s purpose, be it for the development of motor skills and strength or role playing their way to creativity.

4 Another entry on the Institute of Landscape Architects Malaysia (ILAM)’s Malaysia Landscape Architecture Awards 2014 (MLAA) winner list is Bandar Rimbayu.
The Explorer Dome (of Kompan fame) consists of a fascinatingly baffling structure of ropes that form bridges, ladders and levels. While adults may be confused by the equipment, children will see this as an opportunity to create all sorts of activities – low to the ground, or high in the sky.

5 Located at Setia Ecohill, Semenyih, lies an award-winning play product from Carve. The Wall-holla is a sculpture in its own right, a stand-alone equipment that can tower up to 15 feet high.
Looking very much like a bold statement piece, it is a steel rectangular box holding a few brightly coloured rubber ribbons that fold over and back on themselves in a reticulum.
Here is where the children’s imagination can really take flight and they develop decision-making abilities, made possible even more with the customizable bits that can be added on to the structure, such as slides and football goal centers.

6 One other entry on the winner list of the Malaysia Landscape Architecture Awards 2014 (MLAA) hosted by the Institute of Landscape Architects Malaysia (ILAM) is Sunway Rymba Hills.
The presence of Playpoint can be felt once more, this time in the form of Savannah and Csaw (both from Kompan). Bringing children to the neighbourhood can impart a sense of energy and vibrancy, and these play products are just the thing to attract them.
The former incorporates a unique twist to the classic set by making use of the best materials from nature: 100& exotic hardwood. It is the perfect match to Sunway Rymba Hill’s 2.6 hectares private forest park, blending seamlessly with the natural surroundings.
The latter has a modern look and feel to the traditional see-saws that one can find at playgrounds, but this comes in a more robust form that does not accidentally pinch or nip the children using it.