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Dr Jose Gawad Kalinga Village
May 03, 2013

The Chain Reaction Project together with PLAYPOINT have donated a playground to Dr Jose Gawad Kalinga (GK) village in the Philippines.

The village is a shelter to some of Manila’s slum dwellers. It is home to many displaced families in the Philippines.

At PLAYPOINT, we believe in giving back to society through playground donation, we hope we can bring joy and laughter to underprivileged children hoping that it can bring smiles on their faces.


In 2013, we collaborated with various NGOs, like The Chain Reaction Project, Gawas Klinga and ABS-CBN Foundation to provide underprivileged communities in the Philippines with playground facilities, in hopes of empowering their lives and bringing colour to their communal spaces.

In particular, the Dr Jose Gawad Kalinga (GK) village is one of our recipients whom we remember fondly. The village serves as a shelter to some of Manila’s slum dwellers and is home to many displaced families. We found the residents of the village to be such bright and lively people, that we were beyond glad to be able to personally interact with them and contribute to their community.

Play is not exclusive to children who rank higher on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs—it is something that every child deserves regardless of their socio-economic background and living environment. This is why we were more than excited to donate a playground to the village so that the children can laugh and play as children should.

Our team visited the village to set up the equipment and interact with the residents and children. We analysed the area and its terrain and climate conditions, to make sure that the equipment will withstand the weather, and suitable for the children. What made the experience additionally meaningful was the help we received from the children, who helped us with carrying water and soil. This reminded us that achieving happiness is indeed a community effort and that no one is too good or too weak to chip in. The innocence and affection of the children made the time that we spent with them truly incomparable. It felt almost as if we were just as excited for the playground as they were. It was an experience like no other.

We believe that the poor must be dignified in order to strive towards ending poverty and achieving social mobility. By donating the playground to the village and improving overall infrastructure and happiness, we hope to be a part of the movement towards social equity, and we are forever thankful for opportunities like this to enact social change through playground donations.